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Egg Nog at Christmas

December 24th 2012 09:23
: Nothing beats the
: taste of egg nog
egg nog
The first taste of our egg nog for this year.
It's a drink that's been around in England since the 1700s.

Every Christmas there's a lot of excitement when the sweetened condensed milk, eggs and brandy come out.

It's incredibly easy to make, so if the first batch disappears due to intense taste testing, it won't be hard to whip up another batch .

4 eggs separated
4 Cups milk
400g sweetened condensed milk
1 Cup brandy
pinch salt
1t vanilla extract
ground nutmet

1. Beat yolks thick.
2. Beat in condensed milk, salt, vanilla and milk.
3. Beat whites stiff and slowly add to mix.
4. Stir in brandy, then chill.

: History of the most
: famous biscuit ever.
The accidental cookie
Some of the best creations or inventions have been made by accident and the chocolate chip cookie is a perfect example.

The story goes that way back in 1930 the owner of a hotel called the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts was making chocolate cookies when she ran out of the baker's chocolate she was using.

As a substitute Ruth Wakefield used broken pieces of semi-sweet Nestle chocolate instead, believing that it would melt throughout the cookie.

It didn't and to continue a cliche, the rest is history.

Wakefield sold the recipe to Nestlé in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate chips.


A Spurtle and some Porridge

June 16th 2012 04:09
: An ancient stirrer
: used in oatmeal
spurtle porridge
An ancient spoon for our porridge
I was recently invited to a product launch for a new porridge made by a local company that uses Northern Rivers macadamias and blueberries.

While their product is delicious what grabbed my attention was the mention of a spurtle in their media release.

The spurtle is a Scottish kitchen implement that has been around since the 15th century and is used to constantly stir the porridge so it won't congeal and go lumpy.

It was originally a flat spatula shape used to flip oatcakes on the griddle. It is now long and round and made from wood.

The Scots even hold an annual Golden Spurtle World Porridge-Making Championship which is held in Carrbridge, Scotland each year.

It invites porridge-makers from across the globe to compete for the "Golden Spurtle".


Sponge Cake over the Years

June 8th 2012 10:49
: Changing faces of
: sponge cake
Chocolate sponge cake
The chocolate sponge cake my hubby made
Recently my husband cooked a sponge cake.

Nothing really unusual about that, except maybe it was my husband and not me...or my mother....or my grandmother

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: A cooking liftout
: from the Australian Women's Weekly
The 1939 liftout of recipes given to me by a friend.

I scored in a very vintage recipe kind-of-way recently, when a good friend gave me a whole bundle of old cook books and recipes dating from as far back as 1929.

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Ancient British Food

March 15th 2012 11:08
: Random thoughts
: on vintage food
nettle pudding
What nettle pudding may have looked like.
I wanted to cover the types of food that people ate long before I was even a twinkle in my parents eyes.

So I went for a surf (internet-style) and found some interesting little tidbits you may be interested in

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Making Pasta

January 15th 2012 09:12
: The history of pasta
: The true Italian food
making pasta
Pasta makers have cut down the time it takes to make this Italian staple.
There is a version of history that noted explorer Marco Polo brought back the recipe from China to Italy where it was whole-heartedly embraced.

Lagane, however, made from durum wheat, was around in Roman times and baked rather than boiled

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Summer Salads

December 15th 2011 11:20
: Such a wide variety
: and so healthy.
Summer salad
Fresh and healthy summer salad using the produce from our vege patch
So now I've been growing my own vegetables and salad items our family has been enjoying the 'fruits' of that labour.

Silver beet has been plentiful but what I've really enjoyed has been the salads

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Back to Basics

November 23rd 2011 10:52
: Growing your
: own veges
vegetables garden
Getting back to basics and growing our own food.
Something I've wanted to do for a long time is grow my own vegetables.

With a decent sized back yard and time to tend a vegetable garden, I've finally established one

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Blonde Gingerbread

September 28th 2011 10:10
: A recipe from the
: glamorous 80s
Blonde gingerbread - ideal for afternoon tea
Hubby's favourite cake is gingerbread. He discovered this recipe in my grandmother's recipe book entitled 'Eating in the 80s'

The best part of the cake is the 'blonde' topping which gives it it's name

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